Saturday, March 7, 2009

Are You Spiritually Thirsty?

John 4:1-26

But those who drink the water that I will give them will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give them will become in them a spring which will provide them with life-giving water and give them eternal life. (Verses 13- 14)

Have you ever wanted something very badly, but after you got it, it did not really satisfy you or give you happiness? Why do you think Jesus brought up the “husband issue” before he gave the Samaritan woman living water?  What issue do you need to take care of before you receive the life-giving water from Jesus?

Spiritual satisfaction begins with having an ear to hear.

Just as a drink of cool, fresh water refreshes and revitalizes the body on a hot, dry day, the spiritual refreshing one receives when he/she comes to the Lord to receive spiritual water is revitalizing and gloriously satisfying to the dry, thirsty soul.

Once you have stopped the madness of your superficial pursuits of God, He then speaks to the one that thirst.   ‘Waters’ speaks of spiritual refreshing.

The spiritual refreshing God desires that you receive and experience continually, is FREE!  

Spiritual thirst can be satisfied; but not by superficial earthly means.

Satisfying one’s spiritual thirst requires coming to the spiritual waters that only Jesus can give; and simply receiving freely, that which cannot be purchased or earned. We can only receive spiritual refreshment at Jesus’ hand; meaning it only comes through personal relating and interacting with Jesus in a one on one spiritual interchange.

Are you spiritually thirsty?

Then stop trying; and just come to Jesus for FREE living, spiritual water.

Talk with Him; yield to Him; allow Him to freely fill you with the spiritual satisfaction that alone, can satisfy your deep spiritual yearning for fulfillment.

It is God’s pleasure to lavish His spiritual luxuries upon you; for you to eat to the full, and to delight yourself in His presence. You don’t have to feel guilty for enjoying yourself; for reveling in the overwhelming, overflowing joy and pleasure that is experienced in personal interaction with Him! 

Prayer: Lord Jesus, you are the source of living waters. Thank you for your wisdom and love, help us to focus our eyes, hearts, and minds on you daily. May your living water flow like a river forever in our hearts.  Amen. 

Rev. Brenda D. Ford

New York, New York


  1. Rev. Ford:

    Thank you for this Holy Ghost inspired word...

    Like Jesus, I cry, "I thirst..." during this Lenten Season.

    Thank God the living waters are FREE.

    God bless you for your faithfulness in providing this Word,

    Rev. Yolanda Lehman

  2. Rev. Ford
    I am just reading this. What an inspiring and captivating word! It really blessed me. Thank you!