Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sometimes You Must Walk Alone

Based on John 7:1-13


It’s great to have close family and friends.  It’s also great to have close family and friends in our lives that will give us their best opinions and suggestions of how we should conduct our lives.   Suggestions may be of places to go and people to meet.  These suggestions may come from innocence or from the misunderstanding of who you really are and what your destiny really is. They may not know or have thought that God has placed you on a path only for you.  They may not think that it is better for you not to be seen with the “in crowd” all of the time.   

Of course, it’s okay to partake of any feast, festival, party, etc. but sometimes you must walk alone.   You will be surprised of new people you may meet or important information that may come to you regarding business or life saving circumstances.  The event may be so busy that you are not recognized by anyone. 

Walking alone will also allow God to reveal to you who your true friends are and for you to ripen your intimate relationship with him.  

So, take the time to walk alone and nurture your life on God’s path for you.

Felecia Teasley

Nashville, Tennessee 

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