Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fleeing from Fear

Scripture: John 6:16-27


Reflection: Too often, the "in" crowd is appealing to me when I read the newspapers and magazines. Whatever they are doing, I want to be informed about it and follow the celebrity gossip and glossy pictures of the stars. These people are only "in" for the moment, leaving shallow memories of a career, record deal or cheap DVDs  for sale at a bargain store, six months after their Hollywood debut.


I have to ask myself, when was Jesus part of the "in" crowd? When have I seen Jesus in a music video, box office hit or heard him in a Grammy award winning tune? When Jesus walked across the lake, the crowd and his disciples watched him in awe. The news cameras were not there, the press was absent and the paparazzi evidently was too busy for the photo shoot. Yet, here is the son of God, giving out worldly advice and comforting those who were frightened watching him walk across the rough waters. The Bible says Jesus said, "It is I; don't be afraid."


Following the crowd takes me away from my focus on Jesus. For it is only by listening to Jesus' words that I will find eternal life from emulating h is example of courage and spiritual strength. 


Prayer: Dear God, too many times I get caught-up with what the crowd is doing.  I am listening and following  the crowd and I have failed to watch you. I have failed to hear you and take your assistance for guidance when the road is difficult to travel. Help me navigate the waves in the water so that I may journey behind you on the water. I need to swim against the tide of the crowd and embrace your words of sustenance. I fear not, Lord, because you enable me to find my strength in you. Amen


Humbly Submitted: Cassiette and Tamer Lee West-Williams (Chicago, IL)

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  1. I am in the world, but not of it! Hallelujah! Thanks for the reminder...