Sunday, March 22, 2009

Understanding is Priceless!

Mark 8:11-21

Although we have witnessed addiction come clean, abuse turn to peace and cancer of the breast become a survivors sisterhood, we still want something miraculous to happen in our lives that will ultimately prove that the Lord is in existence. As if we really need undeniable proof.

Some will go as far as discussing with friends of the grace and mercy that the Lord has given others while continuing not seeing, hearing or speaking of the uncountable grace and mercy that is given to them daily.  Some with confused hearts and minds will discuss amongst those special friends how they continue to listen to and rely upon gifts from man.  In addition to asking the Lord, "why is my life not blessed?”" or  "Is it something I've done?”" This temporary discussion, of course, is with a forgetfulness of what they have already witnessed and with a misunderstanding of whom all blessings flow.

Meditating instead of gossiping; believing in the works of the Lord and not the ideals of man; careful judgment of the things that you see; words that you hear and conversations that you partake in will lead to a belief in and understanding of the ability of the Lord in everyone’'s life at any given moment.  

Understanding is priceless!


Felecia Teasley

Nashville, Tennessee 

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  1. I'm so excited about what God has done for others, but today I testify that God has also been good to me! Thanks for that reminder...(grin)