Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Be a 24/7 Follower of Jesus Christ the Messiah

John 9: 18-41

We should be familiar with this passage of scripture about Jesus giving sight to the man born blind. I want to focus on versus 20-23 that mention his parents. In the face of the Pharisees, his parents were comfortable acknowledging him as their son. They were able to allow the Pharisees to question their son about his miracle. But his parents were afraid to acknowledge Jesus as the Christ. They did not want to be kicked out of the synagogue. They understood how they would be looked upon with disdain by others. Their position in the community might have been challenged. With this knowledge, they were accepting of the fact that their son, who was now of age, would have been treated. But what they overlooked was the power of their statement declaring Jesus as the Christ would have done in the community. Maybe their stance would have moved more people to accept Jesus as Christ. Have there been times where you did not stand tall and claim Jesus was your/the Christ? Maybe not directly, but probably indirectly. Not through your words, but by your actions. You did not show the world that you were a 24/7 follower of Christ. Can you relate to some of these examples?

Ø Drinking until intoxicated at a party on Saturday and worshipping on Sunday.
Ø Late night phone calls or visits that did not lead to sex but came very close, then trying to minister to a friend about fornication.
Ø Cursing or cursing people out up until you walk through the church doors.

We all can probably name a time or two when we, like the blind man’s parents, did not want to mention that we were followers of Jesus Christ. We can sometimes be blinded by the allure of worldly acceptance. We need to proclaim we are followers of Jesus Christ all the time through our words, actions and thoughts. Is Jesus Christ the Messiah in every area of your life?

Dear Father,
Have Mercy upon us. Forgive us of all the sins that commit each and every day. Forgive for being like the blind man parents, more concern with popular opinion than with the only opinion we will ever need, Yours. Search out every area of our lives that does not proclaim Your Son, Jesus, to be Christ. Help us not to be like the world, but to continually show the world Jesus by our words, our thoughts and our actions. Amen!

Nicole Mew
New York, New York

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  1. An examined life reveals our need for forgiveness.

    Great message.